Corporate Credit at Good Finance – How to Get It?

11 Oct

Good Finance was born with the objective of promoting microcredit in the Lakes Region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Started in Araruama as Good Finance Microcredit, Good Finance became a financial company in 2008, receiving authorization to diversify its financial producers, serving new clients with different demands.

Of all the alternatives, bank lending is the most bureaucratic. They also usually have high interest rates, which end up making the loan expensive. It is therefore interesting to opt for the alternative only when it is the only solution. To understand all the services available for business lending,

And what loans can I get for my business?

And what loans can I get for my business?

Working capital

At Good Finance, you can get short and long-term working capital, with a minimum maturity of 3 months and a maximum of 36 months. The values ​​range from $ 10,000 to $ 300,000, with a minimum interest rate of 1.89% per month and maximum of 4.25% per month. On the Good Finance website you can simulate your loan and know the value of the installments:

Receivables Anticipation

Does your company have collections, checks, or promissory notes receivable? If so, anticipating Good Finance receivables may be the solution to a credit need.

The customer transfers the rights of future receipts of its sales to Good Finance and immediately receives the amount, discounted from the interest rate. To contract the credit, simply send the securities statement with the remittance protocol to Good Finance’s Business Unit. Credit falls the same day to your company’s bank account.

Good Finance also has online consultants to answer questions, guide and assist your credit.

Can any business get a loan?

Can any business get a loan?

No! Good Finance is focused on supporting small and medium enterprises. Thus, only small and medium type or LIMITED can count on the loan for working capital of Good Finance.

Nor may they borrow from Good Finance companies with a restriction or whose partner has a name restriction.