Credit – What requirements do you need? – From € 100 to € 900

4 Mar

A company specialized in granting mini credits and fast personal loans for those who need urgent cash.

If this is your case, do not be overwhelmed and request one of the mini loans they offer. Get financing quickly and easily, 100% online.

Why choose loan?

Why choose loan? offers mini loans of up to € 900 and with the advantage that you can return it in comfortable installments. If you have an unforeseen event, you can request one of your quick credits without payroll, or endorsement and receive it in a matter of 15 minutes by bank transfer. In addition, they accept ASNEF.


  • Up to € 900 in 15 minutes. € 300 for new customers
  • Refund in comfortable weekly fixed installments
  • Recovery of an unpaid installment in 48 hours at no additional charge
  • ASNEF Loans


  • You will be charged € 20 of extra fees for each unpaid installment
  • If you do not cancel the debt they will report your file to a collection agency and they will register you in the file of defaulters ASNEF
  • They do not offer the possibility of extending the mini loan

What services does it offer?

In they offer mini loans and fast mini-credits from € 100 to € 900, and you can repay installments in convenient fixed weekly installments. Apply online and receive the money quickly, without charges or hidden fees.

In are 100% clear and transparent.

They offer mini responsible loans for those people who really need it, and we can count more than 50,000 customers who are satisfied with the service and the payment method.

The credits of are easy to request online, either from a computer or mobile, you get the money quickly in a minimum period of 15 minutes and a maximum of 48 hours. Afterwards, it is easy to pay thanks to the small fixed weekly installments.

Enjoy your loan without stress, and without surprises, every week you will pay the same fee.

In you have up to 3 reasons to trust them:

  • They make sure to offer assumable quotas for each of their clients, so that when applying for a loan you will not have problems to comply with the repayment installments
  • So you can plan better, they will always charge you the same day of the week, so you can have the money ready the day they are going to charge you
  • There are no hidden costs, and they will offer you all the information and conditions of your mini loans clearly, so you will know from the beginning what you will have to pay

How does it work?

To get your loan fast and online with, here are the steps to follow:

  • Choose the amount you need: On the main page you will find the mini urgent loans calculator, so choose quantity and how many refunds you wish to make.
  • Identify yourself: You have two ways to do it, either through your online bank or by sending them the required documents by e-mail. In 24 hours you will receive the approval of your mini loan in case you have been accepted.
  • Dispose of your money. Once they approve your application they will transfer the money to your account, and in less than 15 minutes you can enjoy it. Afterwards, you will only have to worry about returning it through your card and in convenient terms each week.

In only one loan is offered each time, so if you have a current loan you can not request another one until you have finished returning the previous one.

What requirements are needed?

If you are going to request a mini loan in you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old, that is, be of legal age
  • Reside in Spain
  • Be the holder of a national bank account
  • Have a debit card
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Not be in a situation of insolvency, that is, have demonstrable periodic income, be it a payroll, a pension, or unemployment benefit …

When you go to request a mini loan in you must understand what will evaluate your financial capacity and credit situation. And that, in some cases, they may not grant you the mini urgent loan you need.

Calculate your loan online!

loan online,calculator

Use the calculator to request your mini loan online at

  • From € 100 to € 900. If it’s your first loan you can only get up to € 300
  • Return it in installments for 13 weeks or 26 weeks, in easy installments

When you request amount and term to amortize the mini loan you will be able to see the fees that will charge you, and the total amount of money that you will have to pay back for this loan.

In addition, they will provide you with information on the amount of money you will have to pay in your weekly fixed fees, so that you can take accounts and see if you can take care of paying the mini loan before clicking on Apply.

In they take very seriously the responsible use of mini loans, and that is why they themselves emphasize that their mini credits only suit some people and in certain circumstances.

So if you are going to request one of your mini loans make sure that in addition to needing it you will be able to meet the payment of the weekly installments.

How to repay the loan?

In you will not have to worry about the return of your loan as the fees are charged automatically every week. Also, as we said, to make it easier you will be charged the fee always on the same day of the week so you can have the money.

One of the advantages of is that if they can not charge a fee they will try to reimburse you automatically in 48 hours, and this will not imply any charge.

As of that moment, and if they still can not collect the unpaid installment, they will apply an additional fee to the € 20 mini loan every time they try to charge it and can not.

What are the consequences of a non-payment?

What are the consequences of a non-payment?

In case you can not pay the first three installments you will have a refill of € 20 each. But, if you reach more than five unpaid installments, will proceed with the early termination of the loan, where they will demand the full amount plus the fees.

In case you do not comply and do not cancel the debt will report your file to a collection management agency and then you will be registered in the ASNEF file.