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Good Finance was born with the objective of promoting microcredit in the Lakes Region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Started in Araruama as Good Finance Microcredit, Good Finance became a financial company in 2008, receiving authorization to diversify its financial producers, serving new clients with different demands.

Of all the alternatives, bank lending is the most bureaucratic. They also usually have high interest rates, which end up making the loan expensive. It is therefore interesting to opt for the alternative only when it is the only solution. To understand all the services available for business lending,

And what loans can I get for my business?

And what loans can I get for my business?

Working capital

At Good Finance, you can get short and long-term working capital, with a minimum maturity of 3 months and a maximum of 36 months. The values ​​range from $ 10,000 to $ 300,000, with a minimum interest rate of 1.89% per month and maximum of 4.25% per month. On the Good Finance website you can simulate your loan and know the value of the installments:

Receivables Anticipation

Does your company have collections, checks, or promissory notes receivable? If so, anticipating Good Finance receivables may be the solution to a credit need.

The customer transfers the rights of future receipts of its sales to Good Finance and immediately receives the amount, discounted from the interest rate. To contract the credit, simply send the securities statement with the remittance protocol to Good Finance’s Business Unit. Credit falls the same day to your company’s bank account.

Good Finance also has online consultants to answer questions, guide and assist your credit.

Can any business get a loan?

Can any business get a loan?

No! Good Finance is focused on supporting small and medium enterprises. Thus, only small and medium type or LIMITED can count on the loan for working capital of Good Finance.

Nor may they borrow from Good Finance companies with a restriction or whose partner has a name restriction.

Online loan -Need an internet loan? It is here /online-loan-need-an-internet-loan-it-is-here/ Thu, 06 Jun 2019 15:59:32 +0000 Read More »]]> Need an internet loan? It is here

The Harwood brand is certainly distinguished by its offer from the competition. Convince yourself, therefore, how the operation of this lender looks in practice. Based on the opinions of our clients, we say when it is worth asking for financial assistance for this lender, and also indicate the main pros and cons of this offer. See at this original link if our internet loan offer is actually what you were looking for!

A loan in Harwood – when it pays off?

Non-bank loans usually have the best offer for customers coming to the company for the first time. In Harwood, this rule does not apply. Here, each borrower has an opportunity too attractive terms of loans, and the more often he uses the services of the company, the cheaper the payday can get. To reduce the costs of a loan in Harwood, you also need to like the fan page of the site on social networks, promote a loan among your friends and issue a few favorable opinions about the company. All such activities do not require too much work, and can make the loan we can use even for free!

The Harwood brand treats clients who are struggling to pay their debts very mildly. In this company, each loan can be extended free of charge – all you need to do is pay back the commission for the loan. What’s more, you can also extend payday loans whose repayment date has already expired. In this case, in addition to the commission, you will also have to pay penalty interest for each day of delay.

In the case of loans in Harwood, late payment does not necessarily mean debt collection or referral to court. The company is open to the needs of the client and tries to help him regardless of the financial situation in which he found himself.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans in Harwood

Help us to complete this list! Describe your experience with Harwood in the comments below. All customer reviews and stories are read by us and taken into account when issuing opinions on Harwood.

The advantages of payday loans in Harwood

  • attractive loan terms for both regular and new customers
  • the opportunity to borrow money for free
  • no age restrictions for borrowers (only 18 years are enough)
  • the possibility of a free extension of the loan repayment
  • the loan can be extended any number of times
  • extension of the loan also available in the case of delay in repayment
  • short registration form

Disadvantages of loans at Limo

  • low amount of the maximum loan
  • a small number of bank accounts
  • BIK customer control
  • Customer Service Office is open only on business days
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Nowadays it is very easy to ask for quick loans. These loans will get them in a short period of time and there are some conditions that are subject to the approval of each entity. You may receive the money the same day, in a matter of minutes. The process is so agile that in a short time you will know if you meet the conditions to be granted your loan. Contact the entity with which you wish to obtain your loan so that it will give you details about the exact documents you will need, before requesting your money.

Fast loans online

Fast loans online

Before requesting fast loans online, visit the section of the loan calculator that you will find available on the website of the entity with which you are interested in contracting the service. This digital tool tells you what the value of your loan is, based on the information you filled in with respect to the total amount, the interest rate and the term in which you will repay the debt.

Quick loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Quick loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Thanks to the advantages offered by the internet, banking and financial services have evolved. Currently it is possible for you to obtain financing through a loan, even if it is reported in a delinquency file such as Financial Credit Institutions. However, you should always be careful before entering into an obligation of this type, keeping in mind that unscrupulous people abound and will make offers that are attractive, but in reality they are a scam. The first step you should take is to be sure you are dealing with a legitimately constituted organization.

Fast online loans

Fast online loans

Getting fast online loans in our institution is possible, in addition, you have the option to compare and find the best loans, then order them online, with competitive interest rates. The procedure takes around a day of work, but could take a little longer, depending on each banking institution.

Quick personal loans, urgent loans, quick loans

Quick personal loans, urgent loans, quick loans

Fast personal loans are the alternative that will put you closer to your dreams. In our portal you will find different options, such as urgent loans, quick loans, quick mini-credits, loans for a vehicle or free investment loans. After comparing the different types of services and choosing the best alternative, you will be ready to request the money.

Quick mini-credits

Quick mini-credits

There are many reasons why any person decides to take advantage of the quick mini-credits, such as going to that exotic place that he always dreamed of or completing the money for that car, canceling debts or incidentals, or carrying out that aesthetic treatment he always dreamed of. It is without a doubt an alternative to which you can get much benefit to achieve the objectives, earlier than expected and with favorable conditions.

Immediate loans

Immediate loans

But although the conditions for granting these immediate loans are lower, it does not mean that there are not specific standards. One of these standards is that the individual who agrees to pay the loan must provide their identity document and must also reside in Spain. In cases in which the person has been registered in delinquency files as Financial Credit Institutions, the loan request may be denied, depending on the amount and at the discretion of the lender organization. Enter our web portal to be informed with details about what requirements must be met and the necessary documentation.

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A 1000 Euro loan with immediate payment is a relatively small loan. Not every bank is ready for it. According to their information, the effort is too big. In most cases, this instant pay loan will bridge the gap in financially bad times. In addition, such a mini loan is cheaper than the use of Dispos, because it will be charged less interest. The way to a 1000 Euro loan with immediate payment is via a loan calculator. The term mini loan will quickly find what you are looking for and the user will automatically find the following providers: Viloan, Instacash, Cashexpress, UrgentCashier, Camibank, Meelending.

Mini loan from Viloan

Mini loan from Viloan

Certainly there are different reasons that require a mini loan. The choice of lending institutions is unfortunately very limited. A mini loan provider is Viloan. The company that belongs to Laboon Bank is even the pioneer of this funding opportunity. The lowest amount for a small loan is 100 Euro. However, the maximum sum is limited to 600 euros, as well as the maximum duration of 60 days. For slightly negative private credit entries, applicants can still hope for a mini credit.



Instacash is a company that has established itself as a lending institution in Germany since 2012. Quick and easy, the loan seekers can get a 1000 € loan immediately. The duration is 30 days. Optionally, this can be extended to 180 days. If the credit rating is not so good anymore, Instacash still grants mini-credits if others have already declined.

Cashexpress with smartphone

Cashexpress with smartphone

A completely new way for a mini loan with immediate payment is Cashexpress. Unlike the other platforms, Cashexpress’s good credit rating is enough for a mini loan. Proof of ownership is not required. At Cashexpress, the principle works similar to that of a dispo loan. After logging in, the user has a disposition of 1,500 euros, which can be used at any time. There are no fees, only interest on the amount paid out must be paid. New customers can first choose a trial month. If the borrowed money is repaid within these 30 days, then not even interest will accrue. The money is accessed via the smartphone. Borrowers can choose the amount of the installment themselves. However, three percent of the borrowed sum or at least ten euros must be repaid monthly. The principle of Cashexpress requires a good credit rating.

UrgentCashier with immediate payment – Cashexpress alternative

UrgentCashier with immediate payment - Cashexpress alternative

Even with UrgentCashier you get a mini loan with immediate payment – an interesting Cashexpress alternative. However, new customers will initially receive an amount of 500 euros with a maximum term of 62 days. Only after repayment, another loan can be applied for. The maximum sum is then up to 1,500 euros. The customer has the option to withdraw the money by express transfer. Without an express transfer, the transfer can take up to 15 days. Without a positive private credit check this loan is not possible.

Credit with immediate payment via the Camibank

Credit with immediate payment via the Camibank

One thing should be anticipated right away: At Camibank, a positive private credit information is a basic requirement for a mini loan. Without this there is no credit. The Camibank offers mini loans from 100 euros. This is also the only branch and online bank, which does not shy away from this effort. For small loan amounts of 100 to 3,000 euros, very short terms of two to six months are available. The bank uses the videoident method. An express payment is therefore possible on the same day, provided the application is submitted by 1 pm.



This mini loan with immediate payment was launched by Creditend. There is a choice of loans from 1000 to 5000 euros with a term of 36 months. To check their own credit rating, users can use the Score Compass in conjunction with the smartphone. This indicates immediately, as it stands with the own credit rating. Identity is also checked digitally. The annoying PostIdent is eliminated. The money is transferred directly after the conclusion of the loan agreement.

Free use

Free use

All mentioned loans are not tied to a purpose. However, the borrower should responsibly deal with a 1000 euro loan with immediate payment. Mini loans are intended for short-term fundraising. Who wants to make purchases with it, should prefer to resort to a conventional installment loan.

These loans can all be requested directly online. So no valuable time is lost, because a personal visit at the bank counter does not exist here. Many bank customers are certainly right, because some do not want the bank to know what the money is for.

However, customers should remember that a mini loan is more expensive than a normal installment loan. Although this is not so important due to the lower loan amount, the additional benefits are very high. An express payment will be very expensive. Anyone who can afford to spend time with the payment of the loan amount should give it up. The more money can be saved.

Short-term mini-loans are a good alternative to expensive credit. There are no hidden costs, because all fees are transparent and the customer is informed immediately. If you urgently need a 1000 Euro loan immediately, this is the right place.

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Satisfaction to the client and services with total transparency. If you trust in Currency Now you can get long-term loans to fulfill all your plans. Simple request, personalized offers and instant loan payment. Apply now for a loan of up to € 5,000 and return it in comfortable monthly installments, starting at € 40. The loans last from 6 to 36 months.

At Monedo they specialize in digital finance and all their services are online and without paperwork. In Monedo they are available 24/7, they offer flexible offers for you and in a 100% transparent way, without risks and without hidden costs.

An alternative to banks, and offers different models of loans and also a digital wallet. They are specialized in digital finance and all their services are online and without paperwork.

In Monedo they are available 24/7, they offer flexible offers for you and in a 100% transparent way, without risks and without hidden costs.

How does loan now work?

How does loan now work?

If you want to get the long-term loan from Monedo Now start by registering.

The operation is simple:

  • Fill in your personal information and send your request with what you need , it is 100% online and without paperwork. When you provide all the information you will look for the best loan for you, taking into account conditions that suit your Corydon.

Currency Now is the fastest and safest way to get the online loan you need. They will analyze your situation in real time and they will give you an answer immediately.

The loans at are safe because they are 100% confidential and are protected with the latest technology. If you choose Currency Now you will succeed.

What do you need to know?

To benefit from the Monedo Now loans you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Being over 18 years
  • Have a Spanish bank account with regular income,
  • An active email address
  • A mobile phone number

When you accept the offer of your loan it is important that you review the offer and make changes, if necessary, what you select the dates of payment and the amounts and that you choose if you want to receive the loan money in your account or by PayPal.

From your profile of Currency Now you will have access to all the information about your loan.

  • You can decide to pay in installments or do it in advance.
  • When the loan is amortized, you can request more and larger amounts.

What services does it offer?

loans offer

In you will find a great offer for you, the Monedo Now loans with which you can get up to € 5000, and pay in monthly installments from only € 40 to € 250.

These long-term loans have a repayment period that goes from 6 months to 36 months , so you decide how you want to pay it.

Monedo Now is flexible and adapts to your Corydon.

The fees are fair and 100% transparent, in Monedo now you will find flexible loans with a minimum APR of 60.10% and a maximum of 197.15%.

You can request quick loans without paperwork, and personal loans without payroll, since it will suffice with what you show that you have economic solvency.

Is Currency Now reliable? Of course, you can get money quickly and without paperwork.

We also recommend that you take a look at the information about the loans, so that you are aware of the recovery charges and the consequences of the non-payment.

And, in case you’re wondering, what do Monedo Now loans offer with Asnef . So if you are included in a list of defaulters that does not mean that they will reject the loan, since in addition to the credit history, as we said, they will also value other aspects.


Credit – What requirements do you need? – From € 100 to € 900 /credit-what-requirements-do-you-need-from-e-100-to-e-900/ Mon, 04 Mar 2019 17:03:29 +0000 Read More »]]>

A company specialized in granting mini credits and fast personal loans for those who need urgent cash.

If this is your case, do not be overwhelmed and request one of the mini loans they offer. Get financing quickly and easily, 100% online.

Why choose loan?

Why choose loan? offers mini loans of up to € 900 and with the advantage that you can return it in comfortable installments. If you have an unforeseen event, you can request one of your quick credits without payroll, or endorsement and receive it in a matter of 15 minutes by bank transfer. In addition, they accept ASNEF.


  • Up to € 900 in 15 minutes. € 300 for new customers
  • Refund in comfortable weekly fixed installments
  • Recovery of an unpaid installment in 48 hours at no additional charge
  • ASNEF Loans


  • You will be charged € 20 of extra fees for each unpaid installment
  • If you do not cancel the debt they will report your file to a collection agency and they will register you in the file of defaulters ASNEF
  • They do not offer the possibility of extending the mini loan

What services does it offer?

In they offer mini loans and fast mini-credits from € 100 to € 900, and you can repay installments in convenient fixed weekly installments. Apply online and receive the money quickly, without charges or hidden fees.

In are 100% clear and transparent.

They offer mini responsible loans for those people who really need it, and we can count more than 50,000 customers who are satisfied with the service and the payment method.

The credits of are easy to request online, either from a computer or mobile, you get the money quickly in a minimum period of 15 minutes and a maximum of 48 hours. Afterwards, it is easy to pay thanks to the small fixed weekly installments.

Enjoy your loan without stress, and without surprises, every week you will pay the same fee.

In you have up to 3 reasons to trust them:

  • They make sure to offer assumable quotas for each of their clients, so that when applying for a loan you will not have problems to comply with the repayment installments
  • So you can plan better, they will always charge you the same day of the week, so you can have the money ready the day they are going to charge you
  • There are no hidden costs, and they will offer you all the information and conditions of your mini loans clearly, so you will know from the beginning what you will have to pay

How does it work?

To get your loan fast and online with, here are the steps to follow:

  • Choose the amount you need: On the main page you will find the mini urgent loans calculator, so choose quantity and how many refunds you wish to make.
  • Identify yourself: You have two ways to do it, either through your online bank or by sending them the required documents by e-mail. In 24 hours you will receive the approval of your mini loan in case you have been accepted.
  • Dispose of your money. Once they approve your application they will transfer the money to your account, and in less than 15 minutes you can enjoy it. Afterwards, you will only have to worry about returning it through your card and in convenient terms each week.

In only one loan is offered each time, so if you have a current loan you can not request another one until you have finished returning the previous one.

What requirements are needed?

If you are going to request a mini loan in you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old, that is, be of legal age
  • Reside in Spain
  • Be the holder of a national bank account
  • Have a debit card
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Not be in a situation of insolvency, that is, have demonstrable periodic income, be it a payroll, a pension, or unemployment benefit …

When you go to request a mini loan in you must understand what will evaluate your financial capacity and credit situation. And that, in some cases, they may not grant you the mini urgent loan you need.

Calculate your loan online!

loan online,calculator

Use the calculator to request your mini loan online at

  • From € 100 to € 900. If it’s your first loan you can only get up to € 300
  • Return it in installments for 13 weeks or 26 weeks, in easy installments

When you request amount and term to amortize the mini loan you will be able to see the fees that will charge you, and the total amount of money that you will have to pay back for this loan.

In addition, they will provide you with information on the amount of money you will have to pay in your weekly fixed fees, so that you can take accounts and see if you can take care of paying the mini loan before clicking on Apply.

In they take very seriously the responsible use of mini loans, and that is why they themselves emphasize that their mini credits only suit some people and in certain circumstances.

So if you are going to request one of your mini loans make sure that in addition to needing it you will be able to meet the payment of the weekly installments.

How to repay the loan?

In you will not have to worry about the return of your loan as the fees are charged automatically every week. Also, as we said, to make it easier you will be charged the fee always on the same day of the week so you can have the money.

One of the advantages of is that if they can not charge a fee they will try to reimburse you automatically in 48 hours, and this will not imply any charge.

As of that moment, and if they still can not collect the unpaid installment, they will apply an additional fee to the € 20 mini loan every time they try to charge it and can not.

What are the consequences of a non-payment?

What are the consequences of a non-payment?

In case you can not pay the first three installments you will have a refill of € 20 each. But, if you reach more than five unpaid installments, will proceed with the early termination of the loan, where they will demand the full amount plus the fees.

In case you do not comply and do not cancel the debt will report your file to a collection management agency and then you will be registered in the ASNEF file.


Payday Loan | Change your vehicle with your car loan /payday-loan-change-your-vehicle-with-your-car-loan/ /payday-loan-change-your-vehicle-with-your-car-loan/#respond Sat, 02 Mar 2019 10:42:20 +0000 Read More »]]>

Do you want to change your car? Buy the vehicle of your dreams with your car loan.

Moving comfortably to work, go for a walk and take market shopping is not a luxury but a necessity. However, if you do not have a vehicle or the one you have is damaged, it is difficult to carry out these activities. The solution is a car loan, to buy a new or used car of opportunity. In addition, there are credit offers, so as not to waste time or make cumbersome arrangements.

People who require a car loan to solve their problems to move. They do not have to worry, because financial institutions are very flexible with the requirements of the car loan. Aspects such as monthly income, expenses and credit history are evaluated to grant these financing. Since the amount of them is important.

In addition, applicants can get a car loan up to 75,000 euros, with maximum repayment terms of 96 months. So that the borrower can cancel his car loan comfortably. There are even some credit entities that grant grace periods during the payment of the financing. The lack of the loan can be up to 6 months.

So, if a person who requires a car loan is of legal age, he / she has DNI / NIE in force. Also, your monthly income and expenses give you the ability to pay. Likewise, your credit history is impeccable, you can order this financing online and without losing time acquire your new car. With fair and balanced conditions when hiring the car loan.

Change your vehicle with your car loan

Change your vehicle with your car loan

Unless it is a collection car, it is not convenient to keep a vehicle for many years. As it begins to suffer depreciation since its purchase, by means of a car loan. After four years, the price decrease will be 44%. Therefore, it is not advisable that you take too many years to change vehicles. Nor, it is prudent, take more than four years to pay the car loan.

However, if this is not the time to buy a new or used vehicle. Get a car loan to buy the vehicle of your dreams. Sometimes it is advisable to wait for more liquidity, to face a large debt to buy a car. Meanwhile, you can repair the one you already have by requesting a modest financing, such as a car loan of 3000 euros.

It is important to note that, if you ask for a car loan to buy a used vehicle. Try not to exceed four years, the mileage is not so high and has extra security. These characteristics will allow you to preserve a little the value of your vehicle, so that it does not suffer a too accelerated depreciation.

Get the car you like with the best car loan in the market

For those who want to buy a vehicle at this time, getting a good car loan is simple. The competition for maintaining leadership in the loan market has allowed lenders to diversify their offers. To the point of presenting their clients with large amounts that were not previously granted. Also, deadlines to pay for very comfortable years for the debtor.

However, the applicant to the car loan should prudently evaluate these offers, which can sometimes be misleading. Because the Bank of Spain does not directly supervise the credit entities. There may be credit entities that abuse the clauses of the car loan. Before signing, try to read and inform yourself about all the conditions, so as not to be a victim of scammers.

On the other hand, if the borrower of the car loan is on the private credit list. You will not get approved for such high financing. Since the lender companies, they only grant microloans of small amounts to those in the file. For loans of 3000 euros if it is possible to obtain this financing. Even if you are registered in the delinquent database.

The best cars are waiting for you, ask for your car loan

There is no better time to buy a car than at the end of the year. Companies strive to attract buyers and launch the best deals. For this reason, if you are thinking about changing your vehicle, it is a good time to request a car loan. One advantage that car loan applicants have is that they can manage their financing online. They receive a quick response on loan approval and the requirements are not rigid as in banks. Using a mobile phone and entering the lender’s website. In less than 10 minutes a financing is requested that can be approved and paid in less than 24 hours.

On the other hand, if you prefer to buy a new car. Include the cost of insurance in the amount of the car loan. It is mandatory in Spain when buying a new vehicle that the person contracts an insurance, at least responsibility to third parties. In addition, it is worth investing part of the car loan in a comprehensive insurance if the vehicle is new.

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